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Carmelo Sobrino

Carmelo Sobrino was born Carmelo Martínez Arroyo in Manatí, Puerto Rico in 1948. He studied with Oscar Colon Delgado in Hatillo and later in the School of Plastic Arts of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture in San Juan. In 1968, he founded the Alacran studio with fellow artist Antonio Martorell and in 1970 his own Capricornio studio in Santurce. He worked as an engraving professor in the Art League of San Juan, the Casa Candina and the University of Turabo in Caguas.

His oeuvre contains paintings, drawings, engravings, prints and murals, but also threedimensional works and recycling art. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums, sold in auctions and collected world-wide by art foundations as well as individuals. He is a frequent traveler but - being a father and grandfather - lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

- Source: www.carmelosobrino.com (2008)

Of the 316 posters in the collection, 1 is by Carmelo Sobrino.

Poster #275 (Carmelo Sobrino)
Poster #275 (Carmelo Sobrino)
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